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Sunglasss Fix was founded in 2006 when the founder, Craig Anderson, found that most sunglass manufacturers didn't support repairing their products. With over a billion pairs of sunglasses sold each year Craig felt it was an environmental disaster. Not only does is it a complete waste of the earth's resources, it cost people a lot of time an money havng to throw away perfectly good frames.

Sunglass Fix was born with a mission to let the world know that replacing lenses is easy, safe, and very cost effective. Not only do you get to restore your favorite sunglasses, you save money and are helping to save the planet.

With free world wide shipping, award winning quality and customer service and over 250,000 models to choose from why not give it a try? Join the repair revolution and make the world a better place while saving money and your favourite sunglasses. Please search for Sunglass Fix online. This is a parked domain which is not active for orders. We are easy to find so please give us a try.

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